Through the years LLLAH has had lots of problems with theft and vandalism. We have a security person here at least during the night and all day when we have work groups here. But the property is very big. One time someone broke into the lifestyle house and stole the toilet from the second floor and left the water running. We didn't discover it until a few days later. So there was a lot of water damage besides the loss of a lot of expensive water. This is why we need a security fence.


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March, 2023

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It is nearly a mile around the property that the fence is going around. The fence builder prepares 20 cement slabs,10'X10', at a time. Then they need to cure for 21 days before they can be lifted and set in their place.  So it takes a long time to go all the way around. This morning they poured cement in 5 forms. Then they will get the next 5 forms ready and so forth until all 20 are poured then wait 21 days. During the wait time they make the footings and the columns that hold the slabs.

Pic 1 is the hospital property.

Pic 2 is making the forms and it's re-bar network.

Pic 3 and 4 are pouring and smoothing the cement.

Pic 5 is placing the cement slabs into the columns.

​           La Loma Luz Hospital 2020

LLLAH Hall & Rooms Remodel
Several months ago  the Mormon Church gave a big donation to LLLAH. With this money the hospital has done some nice remodeling of the clinic! 

Picture 1: Today 3 people from the Mormon Church (On Right) came again with another 4 check donation to be used here at LLLAH! We really appreciate these donations. This donation will be used to renovate the Vitals Room, Emergency Room, the Clinic's Front Office, and Cashier's Office.
Picture 2: LLLAH Remodeled Wing
Picture 3: New Waiting Room

Picture 4: Unfinished Doctors Rooms

Picture 5: New Office