Aracan Radio Station Update 2023

By Ruth MacKenzie

 ​The Aracan Radio Station is on top of a high mountain. It will have a powerful transmitter to reach far.

        The man near the top of the tower is a master climber.
He is joining the 20 foot sections of the tower. Up, up, up, it goes 20 feet at a time (some are 140 feet). The lightening arrestor and antenna will be installed.  







   ​Please pray for the safety of these workers.

                                      The studio is also being constructed.

               More funds are needed so the Gospel can reach the unreached                                                 on the Island of Mindanao, Philippines.

     In response to questions I have received about how we are working with Adventist World Radio in this outreach, Pastor Romano sent the following reply (
Edited for clarity/space):

Good day, Ma’am Ruth,
     Actually, we are now under Adventist World Radio (AWR), and the radio stations that are being put up are broadcasting AWR programs. but we do not yet receive any amount for financial support from AWR. I have sent proposals to them for help in getting licensing applications and equipment needed in the studio, as well as putting up towers and studio buildings at other places in the Southern Mindanao Mission. Please pray for us in this outreach. Pastor Romano 
     Pastor Romano, Communications Director for Southern Mindanao Mission, has also baptized some Rebels of the New People's Army from these mountain tribes. This is an area that the government says is the most dangerous. White Horse Ministries has built a school there. Pastor Romano sent pictures of the area with the rebels and government men together in peace.
     There are many ministries working together to get the Work finished: The ones I know of are MPI, The Quiet Hour, AWR, White Horse Ministries, Adopt a Minister, and the local mission churches; especially Country Garden Church and the Abella family.