In Aug 2010 Brian wrote:  "The current funding for this project is about to run out. Anusorn and Juhn are working together in evangelizing the Mien. They are looking after the two church plants that I helped start when I was with AFM."

In May of 2012 Juhn gave MPI his proposal to fund 2 Filipino SULAD girls. MPI voted to support 2 Filipino SULAD ( SULAD is an acronym for Filipino student missionaries) girls for this project.  It took a long time for the 2 girls to get visas into Thailand.  Thailand only lets a few Christian missionaries into their country. They arrived in Nov of 2012.

Mission House (Below)

(Left) Juhn (far left) is training 6 young people, 4 are from Laos 1 from Thailand, the 6th I think is also from Laos. She is not in the picture because she is trying to get her Passport. Elma & Ana have been helping to train these young SULADS to be missionaries. See Jan Feb 2015 "Thailand Special update". These 6 need funding to work for their own Mien people.


Pic 2: SULADS Anna & Elma

Pic 3: Brian & Alejandro (Juhn)

Pic 4: English Camp Closing Ceremonies

Pic 5: Health Lecture

Feeding the kids that come for story hour.     (Right)

(Left)  The village people didn't want their picture taken in the traditional garb until Juhn and Ana & Elma and Andy (a Filipino SULAD working is Bangkok) asked if they could borrow some of their clothes for a picture. Then they wanted to be in the picture too. LOL. Far left is Andy, next is Ana, 8 from left is Juhn next is Elma. 2 village grandmas in front.

 Juhn & the girls provided a pad on the floor and a mosquito net for their visitors.                 (Right)

SLIDESHOW Pic 1: On our way to Thailand! In April of 2013 The MacKenzies along with Winnie & Meriam Abella and their daughter Gigie Pontong visited  Huai Fai Mien village along with Juhn and a young Mien pastor, Anusorn. They wanted to check on this project and since they were already in the Philippines and needed to get their passports extended, so they went.

About 2009 Ruth M made contact with Brian at Washintgon Conference Camp Meeting at Auburn, Washington. MPI Had a booth there and Brian told us of a project that he would like MPI to help. He gave Mackenzies the name of the young Filipino man that was overseeing the project, Alejandro (Juhn) Cardeinte.

"How God Leads"  UPDATED FEB 23, 2015

In about 1987 MacKenzies oldest son, Vaughn, was a senior at Auburn Adventist Academy. He had a roommate by the name of Brian Wilson. We (Mackenzies) are also supporters of AFM. So Brian was of interest to them and Brian eventually became an "Adventist Frontier Missions" Missionary.

This is a great project to support!

Mission: To create, support, mentor, and network for Christ worldwide!  

Vision:  Working together so everyone can experience the love of Jesus personally.