Belize Evangelism 2014

Belize long-time Bible worker,  John Landero is the only one we are supporting in Belize at this time.  A few years ago Inter- American Division recognized him as the top Bible worker!

(John is wearing the white shirt 

in each of these pics.)

Belize 1- Day Church

 John Landero is at the far left and Adan Sosa the Bible worker coordinator/Hospital Chaplin is wearing the dark shirt.

These 7 put together Bible lessons especially for Belizians. They are both in English and Spanish. There is a short one that they leave at the door and then if people show interest then they use the longer lesson. They also have an advanced set.

Mission: To create, support, mentor, and network for Christ worldwide!  

Vision:  Working together so everyone can experience the love of Jesus personally.