Mission: To create, support, mentor, and network for Christ worldwide!  

Vision:  Working together so everyone can experience the love of Jesus personally.

 John Landero is at the far left and Adan Sosa the Bible worker coordinator/Hospital Chaplin is wearing the dark shirt.

These 7 put together Bible lessons especially for Belizians. They are both in English and Spanish. There is a short one that they leave at the door and then if people show interest then they use the longer lesson. They also have an advanced set.

Belize Evangelism 2014

Belize long-time Bible worker,  John Landero is the only one we are supporting in Belize at this time.  A few years ago Inter- American Division recognized him as the top Bible worker!

(John is wearing the white shirt 

in each of these pics.)

Belize 1- Day Church