Located in the rugged mountains of Chiapas, south Mexico, this remote school provides 12 grades of Adventist education to  Indigenous natives, many who have furthered their education at   our universities and now serve as teachers, pastors, accountants, nurses and in many other areas.  MPI helps with teacher stipends.




MPI provides assistance to needy worthy students at SDA schools who have struggled financially. Often they need only a boost of a few hundred dollars to complete their school year and graduate. It’s so heartwarming to see their tears of      gratitude and hear their words of thankfulness!





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Worthy Student Aid Need

Solar-powered “Talking Bibles” have resulted in more Huichol finding new life in Christ.

Huichol Native Evangelism

These colorful people have resisted the Gospel for many years.  But providing clean water, medical and agricultural care in remote villages, and educating their youth in Seventh-day Adventist schools has resulted in open doors to their hearts.

Lucas (center) studied at an Adventist university and is now a powerful spiritual leader among his tribe.

San Lorenzo School

Mission: To create, support, mentor, and network for Christ worldwide!  

Vision:  Working together so everyone can experience the love of Jesus personally.