Mission: To create, support, mentor, and network for Christ worldwide!  

Vision:  Working together so everyone can experience the love of Jesus personally.

pic 1. Banner

pic 2. Audience

pic 3. Mixing cement

for the floor all by hand.

pic 4. Finished floor

next morning.

They worked

from 6:30 AM

to 10:00PM

 pic 5. Church front

             pic 6. Beautiful.




Our muddy MPI/LLLAH


Evangelism in the small town of Libertad. Meetings were held in a school. On Sundays Members were building their church.  It was fun watching this process. It was beautiful when finished. It was rainy season and the road was almost not passable The LLLAH/MPI truck got very muddy. We could hardly see out the windshield because of the mud.

Most of the work in Guatemala has been Evangelism Campaigns with Bible workers hired to work the area before, during, and after the campaign.

 Pic 1 Rio Dulse 2012.
 Pic 2 Little singer.
 Pic 3 Baptismal candidates.
 Pic 4 Baptism.
 Pic 5 88 year old Baptismal candidate.